Project Description

Der Manouel Insurance Group: Insurance industry game changer reaches through the TV screen.

We’ve worked with Mike Der Manouel Jr. and his team for about five years now. In 2013, Mike wanted to branch out into television ads to supplement his long-standing radio promotions. His likable personality had come through well on the radio, and his company’s business model was unique in the insurance business.

Der Manouel Insurance Group isn’t in the renewals game; clients don’t just hear from a DMIG agent when it’s policy renewal time. It’s just the opposite. DMIG partners with clients 365 days a year to not only assure that coverage is in place, but to ensure their clients have the systems, training and data collection in place to net better compliance – and to make them an attractive account for insurers.

Mike tells us the ads, which feature his employees and an unscripted conversation led by Mike, have been a game changer for his business. He’s received unprompted feedback from folks in the community, and the campaign has had a palpable effect on his firm’s trajectory. New clients, attracted to the DMIG business model, are regularly coming through the door.

DMIG’s experience is proof that a timely, insightful message from an outstanding professional services firm wins clients. Sure, Paul McDougal Marketing is proud to provide the expertise that’s helping DMIG spread the word, but we subscribe to the Lee Clow philosophy when it comes to the role of an ad agency: “Never stand in the way of a great product.”

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